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This book explains the typical objectives and processes that are involved in the creation and response to request for proposals (RFPs) for WIMAX systems and services. It covers the key objectives for the RFP process, the technical and service requirements, how vendors are invited, evaluated and notified of the RFP vendor selection result. You will learn about how to define the needs for WiMAX systems including data, voice and video services, radio coverage, access devices, distribution networks, testing, system administration, customer care, billing system and disaster recovery. The key objectives that RFP must satisfy along with the general creation processes used by most companies to create and manage the RFP process are covered. Companies usually involve multiple departments in the creation of the RFP process to identify communication requirements for the entire company. You will discover who is involved in the creation of an RFP and the typical steps performed during the creation of the RFP document. Explained are the methods used to issue and manage RFPs including how and when companies typically communicate questions and how clarifications are sent to vendors when new options, objectives or features are discovered in the RFP response process. Also included is sample outline of a typical RFP. Some of the most important topics featured in this book are: . Why Use RFPs for WIMAX Systems . Internet Data, Voice, and Video Service Requirements . WiMAX Customer Service Needs . Billing System Functions . Radio Coverage Targets . Disaster Recovery Processes . System Administration . Evaluating RFP Responses . RFP Communication between Issuer and Responder . Outline Template for a typical RFP. See


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