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Engineering Management / Senior Engineering / Senior Architecture


Directed, managed and led engineering departments, programs and projects for wireless communications infrastructure design engineering. Leader of teams developing all types of major wireless networks including cellular, microwave, WiMAX, municipal Wi-Fi, paging/advanced messaging, satellite, and land mobile radio. Doctoral level knowledge and skills in wireless theory and operations research theory combined towards the optimal solution of practical, advanced, large scale networks. Effective at leading in the roles of Director, Senior Manager, Senior Consultant, Senior Architect, and Senior Engineer, as well as CxO roles in entrepreneurial ventures.


Professional Experience


IBM Global Technology Services, Plano, Texas                                                                   2005 - Jul 2013


Senior Managing Consultant

Senior Architect for dozens of engagements covering communications, computer and sensor network modeling, planning, and design. Developed advanced communications network topologies for emerging applications supporting mobility, social, cloud and big data needs in large scale, regional, city, and campus networks. Projects include utility smart grid and smart meter, health care mobility, industrial VoIP, public safety digital video surveillance and microwave backhaul. Consulting clients included CTOs, CIOs, as well as IT, engineering and telecommunications department heads. Presented results to C-level executives, boards of directors, city manager / mayor and trade shows.


Klinkert & Associates, Incorporated Plano, Texas                                                                       2003 - 2005


Principle Consultant, President

Wireless consultancy focused on broadband wireless (Pre-WiMax, WiMAX and WiFi, as well as pre-LTE)

Consultant to entrepreneurs and corporations on strategy and plans for new ventures and services, using modeling tools for decision support. Provided guidance to senior executives on direction, vendors, regulation, licensing, and design of wireless networks. Experienced in microwave path point to point (P2P) tools (Pathloss, etc.) and area coverage prediction (EDX, CelPlanner, etc.).


MCI/WorldCom, MMDS Broadband Wireless, Richardson, Texas                                                2000 - 2003



Director of the Next Generation Network unit, responsible for strategic planning, technology leadership for MCI/WorldCom broadband wireless offering. Brought to market a pre-WIMAX broadband solution for business customers in 13 markets across the country with a comprehensive technology Go-to-market plan. Strategies and conceptual architectures led to proof of concepts and pilots as well as production rollouts.


PageNet/VAST Solutions, Inc., Advanced Technologies, Plano, Texas                                     1998 - 2000



Director of the advanced technology department for the largest advanced messaging / paging company (at the time) with over 10 million subscribers. Planned advanced two-way messaging services using Flex and Reflex simulcast wireless systems standards to support hundreds of markets across the US.


MCI Wireless, Richardson, Texas                                                                                                 1993 - 1998


Senior Manager

Led the MCI cellular GSM, the satellite DBS, and the cellular Reseller units, as MCI evolved from a national facilities based cellular provider, to a Direct Broadcast provider, and finally to a cellular reseller provider. Led our 14-person RF engineering team using advanced RF planning tools (Planet / Mentum) for detailed RF Propagation and Traffic prediction. Department manager and program manager for the 40-person DBS program, providing leadership skills in this highly matrixed management environment. Lead cross-functional teams including teams for satellites, satellite launch, DBS uplink facility, uplink video-media electronics, set top box / OSS, and lab.


LCC, PCS & Cellular System Design, Arlington, Virginia                                                              1990 - 1993



Director of the 20-person Applications Engineering P&L center, providing consulting, engineering services, and contracting to cellular carriers. Designed 10 year, nationwide cellular networks, and won over a half-dozen international cellular licenses with in-country partners, and US carriers. Used advanced RF planning and field measurement tools to accurately predict end to end coverage and capacity performance for carrier clients


General Electric, Wiesbaden Germany, Utica New York, and Lynchburg Virginia


Unit Manager

Led GE’s Services, Microwave Design, and Base Station Development teams, for a sensor system, microwave circuitry, and base station development activities. Deployed an advanced sensor network at an international location for a DoD agency (held a Top Secret clearance). Promoted to Manager of 18 person Microwave Design department developing 10 GHz microwave modules for airborne platforms from design through manufacturing. Assumed the post of Senior Technical Leader of a 10 person team designing the MASTR-III VHF base station for the Land Mobile Radio industry.


Texas Instruments, Advanced Technology Laboratory, Dallas, Texas

Electrical Design Engineer - Microwave Circuit Designer in the Advanced Laboratory designing 10 GHz circuits for advanced microwave modules.


Motorola, Communications & Electronics Sector, Carrollton (Dallas), Texas

Communications Systems Engineer - Designed land mobile radio and microwave point to point systems for industrial, public safety and private customers.




Doctor of Engineering, Engineering Management, Presently Completing, Southern Methodist University

MS - Telecommunications, Southern Methodist University

MS - Electrical Engineering, Southern Methodist University

BS - Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin


Certifications, Publications, Awards


·         Juniper JNCIA Certification, 2013

·         The Open Group - Certified Master IT Architect, 2012

·         IBM - Certified Architect, 2011

·         State Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas

·         Federal Licensed Commercial Radio Operator, (First Class)

·         Amateur Radio Operator, (Extra Class)

·         Academic Journal Article, expected 2014

o    An Efficient Optimization Approach to Designing Large-Scale Hierarchical Smart-Grid Data Networks

·         Author: Creating WiMAX RFPs ( ), 2008

·         Winner IBM Bravo award for outstanding technical support to marketing, 2007

·         Winner, WCA’s “Golden Eagle” award (their highest honor), 2002


Professional Communities / Teaching


·         Inducted to Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), 2012

·         Senior Member, IEEE, Member INFORMS, Member Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA)

·         Office of Student Affairs for support to SMU Initiatives, 2005

·         Chairman of the WCA Operator Expert’s Group, 2001 – 2003

·         Member, WAP Operator Expert’s Group, advanced standards development, 2000

·         Wireless Communications Association (WCA), Chairman Engineering Committee,

o    Led the industry transition from ITFS to BRS spectrum reform, 2000 – 2003

·         Adjunct Lecturer City Colleges of Chicago in Electronics Technology


Personal: Extensive international travel / Fluent in Spanish, some German / married, two children / Hobbies include physical training, nutrition, computers and amateur radio (W5AJK).


For detailed CV see here: Prose

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